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Pomona Heritage, Inc., (PH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Pomona, California's historically significant homes and buildings and to the education and awareness of our residents about the cultural richness with which we are entrusted. Pomona has thousands of beautiful historical homes and buildings scattered throughout the city. We have ambitious plans to increase community awareness of the cultural richness with which Pomona citizens are entrusted. Please check out our District Q&A for more information on what is means to buy and live in a historic district.


Why the Pomona Area is so Special


The city has some 2,700  individual  homes with historic significance. Particular gems of the city include several areas of the town built in the 1920's that are still actually quite unharmed and in original condition. It is extremely rare to have an entire large family neighborhood, built 70 years ago, to be still intact.


Driving or walking in the neighborhoods is a cultural delight. The homes are very diverse in style. Their architecture and home sizes greatly vary, but they each contribute to the richness of the special historic neighborhoods. The architects of the period made many bold and subtle statements. For example the river rocks found on the foundations and porches of many of the area's homes are there to architecturally blend the home into the land below it.

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 Saturday August 9-  Restoration Workshop. 9:00 am- Trinity Methodist Church


Sunday December 7-  Thirtieth Anniversary Home Tour and Holiday
 Craft Fair 

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Old Home Restoration Workshop
Saturday August 9th

Classes start at 9am.


Workshops Include:
Historic Foundations Wood Window Basics
Wood Floor Restoration Kitchen Gardens
Proper Pruning & Composting
Raising Urban Chickens Faux Graining Techniques

And More !!!



 Learn about our $5,000 Grant Program 


Trinity United Methodist Church 676 N Gibbs