Saturday, April 2--9:00 am

Trinity United Methodist Church
676 N Gibbs, near Holt

Schedule of Events To be announced.

(Preliminary--subject to change)

This free workshop is made up of four sessions, with three seminars going on simultaneously on a variety of topics related to restoring an older home.  Some topics covered this year are: 

With the establishment of Pomona's three historic districts, and numerous older homes within the city which exist outside of the boundaries of those districts, Pomona Heritage and community leaders recognized the need for a forum to educate its residents on methods to maintain and repair these homes.

The Restoration Workshop, held annually, is a tool for these homeowners, and is free to all who live within the city, or in surrounding cities.  Jim Wigton, a preservationist, teacher, and writer from the city of Monrovia, is speaking about “Remuddling,” which is a term coined to describe homes which have been modernized, and have had extensive alterations made to the exterior in an insensitive fashion.  Mr. Wigton is currently president of Monrovia's Old House Preservation Group.